See the world.

And protect it with ECO-Nu, a bag made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

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Designed to lighten the earth.

Built to outperform it with new innovative features.


The pull-handle was designed to enhance overall mobility, with rugged telescoping to create an easy-to-grip texture and an innovative design.

Hidden Expansion System

A hidden expansion zipper helps to keep your bag sleek and stylish, no matter how much you pack. Once expanded, the exterior zipper can also zip up to offer extra compactness.

T-Bar Zippers

T-Bar Zippers help you zip and unzip with more ease. A large surface area helps you find and grip better, with metallic accents to add a touch of sleek sophistication.


All fabrics of the ECO-Nu collection, including the lining, are all made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.


Our Smart Fix Buckles keeps your tie-down straps out of the way while packing, making it easier to find them and to secure your items when the bag is fully packed.

Saguaro Wheel System

Introducing the Saguaro Wheel System, designed to both weigh less and enhance the mobility of your bag.

Asset 11 Versatile Sizes
Asset 10 Post-Consumer Recycled Material
Asset 9 Reworked Features

Lighten your footsteps — wherever they lead.

It’s a fabric made completely from used PET plastic bottles. These bottles are melted down into a liquid polymer, purified into filament yarn, and then woven into a durable fabric to create an ECO-Nu bag you’ll love as much as the earth does.

A new, hidden expansion system.

Our newly-designed hidden-expansion system keeps your expansion zipper discreetly tucked beneath the main zipper, ensuring it’s protected until needed. Simply find and untuck the expansion zipper for extra capacity, and use the main zipper for added compression when needed.

Designed with you in mind.

Saguaro Wheel System engineered for lighter
weight and high performance.

Smart Top Storage allows easy access and storage for important items during security checks and throughout travel.
Available only on the 20" Expandable Spinner

Unique, Wrap-Around Frame Design for lighter
weight. Available in multiple stylish colors.

A bag the earth loves as much as you do.

ECO-Nu was designed to be lighter - for you, and the environment. It has bigger pockets and better zippers. And redesigned compartments with new hidden expansion. See it in action for yourself, and order yours today.

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