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Rules of Play

Travel flow and game dynamics for Samsonite Travel Miles (subject to what is set forth in the Terms and Conditions of Use).

A.    General
When leaving on a trip, the user of the Samsonite Travel Miles app can, through the “Travel Procedure” (See Point B.) do the following:

Saving miles gives access to gifts (*) only in the United States.  For the meaning of the term "gifts (*) " as used here and in other materials related to this app, please refer to Point F. below.

There are three reasons to track your travel mileage:

  Gifts (*)s are earned when milestones are reached:

B.    Travel procedure


C.    Earning miles through Social Sharing
The Travel Miles app allows for social sharing:

Both sharing options allow the user to earn extra miles which do not have to be physically covered in distance (virtual miles).  

C.1     Travel Miles Map sharing
Sharing from the Travel Miles Map screen links friends and/or followers to a map with your travelled distances represented als lines.  Sharing can be done in the following ways:


C.2          Badge sharing
Sharing a badge can only be done from the “Earned Badge” screen at the moment when a badge has just been earned, not from the “Badges” or “Single Badge View” screens, which give only an overview of the badges.  Therefore, every badge can only be shared once.  Sharing a badge earns the user 100 miles per social network.

D.    Earn Miles through earning Badges
To earn badges (9), defined by specific travel behavior:

E.    Travel Miles Log
The travel miles log presents the user with an overview of saved miles and travelled distances. The log does not have dynamics or rules of its own, it is defined by the process of the Travel Procedure (See Point B.).   The travel miles log is not editable.

F.    Gift (*) with purchase
Gift (*) as used here means gift with purchase - upon purchase of a Samsonite product online.  Always subject to the Terms and Conditions.

Gifts (*)s are earned when milestones are reached:

The offer of the gifts (*) available may vary due to stock depletion and availability.  Milestones can be reached through the Travel Procedure (See Point B.) or through social sharing (See Point C.).   When a milestone is reached, a “Gift (*) Unlock” screen shows a photo and description of the gift (*) that was unlocked.  This is updated in the Gift Store screen, where unlocked gifts (*) can be collected at the time you make an on-line purchase of a Samsonite product. Check out the details and conditions on   Miles can only be redeemed in the event of an online purchase via the Samsonite web shop [shop.].  Upon notice of termination of the Application, you will have 60 days to redeem your miles with the on-line purchase of a Samsonite product.

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